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Battery training

The European Battery Business Club is a unique lifelong learning program on battery technology that combines cutting-edge knowledge with industry insights delivered through innovative microlearning elements. With this, we guarantee self-directed learning: whenever you want and wherever you want. Additionally, you will be provided with networking possibilities.

  • Broad and sound selection of industry-relevant battery topics
  • 100% online course
  • Self-directed learning: asynchronous learning elements
  • Based on latest research findings
  • Get 1 year access for only €950
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Gain an industry-recognized

Battery technology certification

The EBBC is based on the latest research findings concerning the most cutting-edge technologies, and how this drives the battery industry. The latest findings from research and current developments are provided by Uppsala University in Sweden, the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and various Fraunhofer institutes from Germany. They ensure that our contents are up-to date and represent the state-of the art of battery research and development.

The certification demonstrates your commitment and the topics you have dealt with as part of your individual training set up and thus enriches your professional profile.

Close-up view of a golden embossed seal with the text 'European Battery Business Club' and circuitry patterns, on a certificate indicating a Multi Track Certification in Battery Technology.

How this course will help your career

  • Get an industry-recognized course certificate.
  • Specialise in cutting-edge battery technology.
  • Build a network in the battery technology industry.
  • Make an impact in the technologies shaping our future.
  • Start learning now.
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Interact with like-minded

Battery community

The battery industry is becoming one of the key suppliers for many industries. With the increasing demand for mobile energy sources, the number of players along the battery value chain is also growing worldwide. As a result, cell manufacturing in Europe has picked up speed in recent years, with several gigafactories to be built and innovative or sustainable technologies to be applied.

The EBBC therefore offers the Europe-wide battery community a platform to network and exchange ideas.

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What people are saying

The EBBC training was a wonderful learning experience for me. The simplicity and depth with which the topics were taught made it very interesting. The expert interviews and videos from industries and research institutes also made learning very relatable. My interest in the areas of sustainable battery materials and recycling was spurred and I plan to advance my knowledge and skills in these areas.

- Taiwo OmotoshoAMIR Master Student, TU Darmstadt

Extensive training on the battery from the holistic view of the automotive industry's transformation to the depth of cell chemistry. Great scope of the course with flexible ways to dive deep where desired.

- BettinaBMW

I´ve seen highly educated and experienced specialist in the field of battery research. Learning from those specialists was a great chance and opportunity. I´m very grateful and recommend the training for people with very basic up to intermediate knowledge about battery research.

- Christoph RahmannProject Engineer Sensorics, Knorr-Bremse CVS (Commercial Vehicles Systems)

If you are interested in the field of batteries, the EBBC training makes a lot of sense. Within the framework of this program, you can get to know and learn about batteries in the broadest sense - from individual elements to their recycling. Also, the information and knowledge you acquire are state-of-the-art.

- DanijelaInnovation associate/GEN-I, d.o.o.

The EBBC program gives a good insight in the wide field of the battery business and helped me to deepen my knowledge.

- M. DorenwendtTechnical Service Battery

EBBC online learning program is a great way to find knowledge about battery, at both levels of interset - basic and advanced. Addresses the current issue of the battery value chain. It also connects you with experts in the chosen field.

- TjašaMechanical Engineer

A very interesting course. I would recommend it to anyone interested in batteries.

- InesEngineer

Broad focussed course. Covers more than only battery use and production.

- Menno RusChemical engineer, plantmanager battery technology pilot at Heraeus.

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Access to cutting-edge knowledge in battery technology

  • Broad and sound selection of industry-relevant battery topics
  • 100% online course
  • Self-directed learning: asynchronous learning elements
  • Based on latest research findings

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