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German researchers are working on better sodium batteries

The “NaKlaR” research project is focussing on sodium batteries. The researchers’ aim is to make this type of battery more electrochemically efficient and sustainable. The project is pursuing the development of a sodium battery based on protected cathode materials, aqueous production of the electrodes and hydrolysis-resistant electrolytes. At the same time, this battery should have an output that is approximately equivalent to today’s reference cells. The aim is also to achieve recyclability: The plan is to produce cells with at least 25 per cent recycled electrode material without any significant loss of performance.

Besides the University of Würzburg, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the Helmholtz Institute Ulm, the Fraunhofer ISC is also part of the project team. On the industrial side, E-lyte Innovations GmbH, Carl Padberg Zentrifugenbau (CEPA), CellCircle UG and Leclanché are involved.

More information on the project:

What specific advancements in cathode material protection and hydrolysis-resistant electrolytes do you believe will be most critical for improving the electrochemical efficiency and sustainability of sodium batteries? Please, share your technical insights and other opinions.

If you want to learn more about the different battery types, have a look into Track 1 of the EBBC In this track, the Fraunhofer ISC, the team behind the development of Track 1, presents an alternative to conventional lithium-ion batteries.

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