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Imagine it would be possible to learn all the essential information you need to know about batteries in only one day.

How would that day look like?

Let ́s find out in this viewing this blog of different parts we have included in our self-learning platform.

In reality the online course is divided into learning modules with 10 hours per module. Depending if your need is for a special part or if you would like to take the full examination you choose in the range of 20-60 hours in effective learning time. All at your own pace as the course is on-line with you as your own master.

Step into the world of EBBC, where the future of battery technology unfolds one lesson at a time.

Morning: Awakening with battery cosmos

As the sun rises, so does the curiosity of an EBBC learner. Today, like every day, begins with a cup of coffee and the ‘Battery Cosmos’ module. It’s not just any online lesson; it’s a journey through the heart of the battery market, animated with vibrant graphics and concise, powerful podcasts. These microlearning sessions are perfect for a morning routine, offering digestible insights into complex subjects like market trends and policies. A preferred way of adding this knowledge is to listen to a podcast from battery experts on your way to work.

Lunch break: Personalized learning paths

Noon arrives, and it’s time for a deep dive into a chosen specialty. Today, it’s all about ‘Battery Materials.’ The learner explores the properties and functions of various materials, guided by interactive content that transforms theoretical knowledge into a tangible experience. It’s more than just learning; it’s about understanding the backbone of battery technology.

Ready to put your knowledge to the test? Subscribed learners take our interactive quiz on Battery Materials and discover how much they really know about the latest advancements and innovations in the battery industry. It is just a click away to a link to challenge yourself and learn more!

Evening: EBBC’s Battery tech insights with ACC

In EBBC’s evening sessions, learners could dive into battery technology, enhanced by exclusive insights from one of our co-working partners Automotive Cells Company (ACC) on cell production. These sessions offer a unique look into industrial-scale battery cell production at ACC’s ultra-modern pilot plant. Learners gain an understanding of how ACC optimizes new chemistries and processes for efficient battery production for electric motors. This blend of theoretical knowledge and real-world application from a leading industry player provides a comprehensive view of the challenges and advancements in battery technology, making each evening session a valuable and insightful experience. Next evening you choose from another expert och partner.

Anywhere, anytime: The flexibility of EBBC

EBBC’s platform shines in its flexibility. Whether on a train ride home or in the comfort of a living room, the course adapts to the learner’s life, not the other way around. The mobile-friendly interface means that battery technology is just a tap away, making learning a seamless part of daily life.

Networking: Connecting with a global community

Learning at EBBC extends beyond the screen. It’s about connecting with a global community of fellow enthusiasts and experts. Whether it’s a group discussion in a live workshop or sharing insights in a forum, every interaction weaves a richer tapestry of knowledge and connection. Please join to make it even better!

Evening reflections: A rewarding journey

As the day closes, our learner reflects on the progress made, buoyed by the interactive assessments that not only track learning but also celebrate it. And the ultimate reward? A certificate from EBBC, a testament to the skills and knowledge gained on this transformative journey.

Join the journey with EBBC

A day in the life of an EBBC learner is more than just education; it’s an adventure in the rapidly evolving world of battery technology. If you’re ready to be part of this transformative experience, explore the courses we offer and join a community that’s shaping the future, one battery at a time.